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How We Care

Pregnancy Tests

We offer free pregnancy tests and help you to explore each of your options… parenting, abortion, adoption. We encourage you to take the time to be informed. We know this is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. Good information empowers you to make the best possible decision for you. We are here to listen so you can decide what you want to do. Regardless of your choice, we offer you ongoing support.

Clothing Closet

We provide gently used baby clothing for newborns to size 2, baby equipment and diapers to our clients. No appointment is necessary, however for your first visit, a short intake appointment will be required.

Post-Abortion Support

We offering ongoing support after an abortion. We know that sometimes it is not an easy decision to make - and there can be grief afterwards.

Prenatal and Parenting Support

Before and after birth support are needed. We offer ongoing prenatal classes and parenting support because we know both are tough.

Friendship and Mentorship

We offer ongoing friendship and support to moms in need.