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She's Pregnant, Now What?

You’re in shock! You thought you were so careful…..this wasn’t supposed to happen. Now you’re facing being a father, and you’re terrified. If she is pregnant, this changes everything. You like her, but are you ready for this? What choices, if any, do you have? What are your rights? What will be expected of you? We’re not just here for her. You can meet with your own client advocate, who can support you as you explore this situation.

Think Your Girlfriend Might Be Pregnant?


You want to help your girlfriend and this means being there through the tough times as well as the good times. It doesn’t mean telling her what to do, but instead helping her to figure out what’s best for her. To do this, she needs to get information on all her pregnancy options. She will need access to services, resources and most importantly, support. You can’t do it all for her. Help her get the help she needs.


  • Talk about it with each and with others you trust. She needs your support and if your relationship is solid then this is not a choice she wants to make alone. She needs your support and to know that she can trust you.

  • Stay calm and get all the facts.

  • Ask questions and make a confidential appointment with the Pregnancy Care Centre for your partner to get the facts.

  • Be honest – feeling angry, frustrated, confused and frightened are normal feels and when women hear men say “it’s up to you”, she often thinks that he means she should have an abortion.

  • Listen to her and ask her to listen to you.


  • Bail or look for the quick fix; the more you run, the harder it will be.
  • Pressure her – work as a team and lay off the blame game.
  • Rush; get the information you need and remember that abortion is not a “quick fix”.